Making beautiful business applications



Mobile apps

Cross platform apps for Android and iOS



Web apps

From websites and business software



Cloud apps

Integrating into the cloud for scalability and high availability



Digital design

Mockups, icons and full front end web design



Social Media

As our business partners, we work closely with ABC Social for social media management

Cross Platform and cross device

I believe that the way to move a business forward is for you to do business where you are. If you are with your clients in a coffeeshop or at their offices, your software should be responosive and usable – whether on iPhone, android or a Windows application, it should be working.

Complex and challenging

For some business as usual is quite unusual. You might not be selling a quick fix to your customers, but an elaborate and complicated solution. Enter Louis. I love a new challenge, and love learning. I have designed
– from mockups to UI and Back end. 


Personal Project: EatMunchMunch

Mindful eating

This little app was created to make us more aware of what we put into our body. We start out by eating to live, but sometimes
we become emotionally attached to food. This app helps by tracking your eating habits – capture your before
and after feelings. It does give you a report that you are able to look back at the level of satisfaction
you get from your meals, but the benefit is in you becoming aware of your emotions and connotations you have
towards food.