Too Often we meet a developer. Yes, the world is full of people proclaiming a skill of being an uber coder. Well, These days this skill is rare, but you can upskill people to a certain level. What is truly divine is merging two fields that are rarely compatiible. As a Deviner, I get best of both worlds. I am able to do awesome design and code the front end also. There is not only an technical understanding of web, but also a innovative approach due to studying a four year in art directing and design.


I am not your typical front end developer making your website beautiful. I develop web based software that is usable and user friendly. My philosophy on devining is strictly form because of function. Being beautiful is wonderful, but functional software is more important… But let’s not make this an excuse for ugly software!

I am currently doing mostly Jquery and HTML5 development for business intelligence software, but also sometimes work with C# and SQL. I often have concersations on usability and creating mechanisms for handling certain complex cases that needs to be catered for.


The development process

The speciality process

The language process