Making beautiful business applications

Web development

From technical spec to finished product, we are able to assist with getting your project off the ground. Our technology stack of choice is Microsoft SQL, C# and Javascript, but the possibilities are endless.

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User interface design

People don’t want ugly designs, moreover if the user cannot find the function, the thing is broken. 

Making code beautiful and usable is just as important as making it functional. 

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Dev VLOg

If you are a developer, or want to discover more things about development, This section is for you. 

The focus of this section is making complicated things codey things simpler, so you can think like a coder, or maybe just understand them better.

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I do mobile and web development

Complicated. Challenging.  Sometimes you need a developer to do the job – but you find the sphere of business not so easy to comprehend. Enter Louis. I love a new challenge, and love learning. I have designed (Mockups, UI and Back end) for mobile apps, web applications and even desktop applications. 


Some things are more challenging than they look. At first you might think that you need a small application, but as you start mapping out the requirements, they seem to grow. 

That’s okay. Maybe you need something bigger. But sometimes you need something small. Or you need to grow your idea into something big. My preferred way of working is learning what exactly your users actually want. I do this through validated learning, and trying to understand the assumptions we make – and then test these to see if we are on the right track.