Making beautiful business applications


If the thing doesnt work, it’s not working

Once you have an awesome design, maybe it would be wise to get the desing out into a final product. Sometimes this can get quite tricky. But that’s okay, as I have sufficient experience and know how to offer clients expert advice and quality code. 

Driven by your success

It doesnt help coding for months, but not being able to measure success. I propose to my clients that we find ways together in measuring the success of the application. Making sure we are on the right track throughout the coding process, helps you, the client to be able to manage expectations, as well as monitor the where we are, where we need to go, and what is happening at this exact moment in time. 

I am driven to get your software working – to make sure things are going smooth and according to plan. 

Integrations into other APIs

It rarely happens that software is a complete standalone solution, and thus can do custom integration into other APIs (Application Programming Interfaces). This includes from email/SMS notification technologies to onlnine storage facilities and Optical Character Recognition (OCR).


No one wants to be left behind in the technology train. Getting onboard with the newest technologies that are relevant to your application is of vital importance. It is just as important to make informed decisions in making a choice. Even if a problem is not simple to solve – perfect! With the speed of cloud based integrations and new innovations that are released daily, means that many of the problems can be solved with ease. 

If the only tool you have is a hammer, then every problem looks like a nail.

As a preference I like working on the Microsoft .NET stack, but I believe that one should not be limited to only one set of technologies – The right tool for the right job is of vital importance – If your client is going to be found on mobile, then  an app or a resonsive website is the answer. If you need a non-cloud solution, such as a winforms application, I am able to asssist.