Making beautiful business applications

User Interface Design

No one likes ugly designs

Ugly design is a real turn off. If you have to look at an ugly design for your whole working day, that just drain a person completely. Yet, it also doesnt help that the design is beautiful, yet not functional or not in use. The user interface is so much more than just pretty icons and pictures. 

User experience and usability

I believe that all design and work starts with understanding the end user. The more we explore and understand about the end user, the more we are able to establish if we are on the right path of making your business a success. 

My expertise is learning how to learn – and practically use what I have learnt to portray the needed functionality within the project. 

I enjoy making rough sketches, planning out process flows with information regarding what users need to achieve and wireframes to show where the users will be able to click and navigate around the application. This also gives you, the client, a very good understanding to what your app will look like functionally.

A design language

In understanding the user, we need to use a design language that the user is familar with. One of the most well known design languages in use today is Material Design. This uses elements that the user easily recognises, making the learning curve for them in your web application or mobile app less steep. If elements such as fab buttons and slide out menus are used correctly, it can help in making your app more usable and user friendly. 

Using icons and colours effectively, one can help users identify the process flows much easier, so that they are able to achieve what they need to in a simple and logical way.

Web and user interface design

As we explore which devices users will use, which user interface components and elements they are comfortable with, the design elements can come together into a beautiful design. In iterating through the design, I am able to deliver great websites, web applications and apps that are familiar in usability, yet unique and interesting.