Often times companies will use the Prince2 methodology in selling bespoke development to a client. Even though this is a great way to create robots, creatives know that this approach almost always fail in the design industry. 

The better approach would be befriending the client, and work together towards what the client wants, by trial and error. Knowing this is not always possible, there are still ways to make code and design as flexible as possible and expand possibilities of where a project might take you, such as productising your code.

Taking the same approach such as Google in making design agile, has resulted in higher levels of innovation, productivity and creativity.


To make sure that you, the client gets the most out of what you’re paying for, I try and understand your business quite well before I start with your design. Often times the requirements and what the client needs are not the same, and establishing the needs and the wants. I try and structure the work in such a way to still stay in budget, and make the deadline. 


When you work, work hard, and when you play, play hard. This is what I live by.

Concerning my fulltime job,  I believe no one will lie on their death bed and say “I wish I spent more time at the office”. This does mean that when I work, I put in everything, but when I leave the office, I am also a person with depth of character.

I do freelance work because I love what I do more than anything else. i love ordering your world.